Parisian Girls All Wear This Outfit

Lusting after the style of France's trendsetters may feel like the ultimate fashion trope, but you have to admit that there really is something special about French style. Which is why during my trip to Paris this past winter, one activity on my to-do list was simply to check out the outfits of my Parisian counterparts. While strolling through the Jardin des Tuileries or simply sitting with a cup of coffee, I kept my eye out for the ensembles Parisian It girls currently favour.

To my pleasure, there was one simple (yet standout) look that appeared to be a current favourite. The women of Paris all seemed to gravitate toward black skinny jeans paired with ankle boots and a statement coat. The three-piece ensemble is eye-catching with little effort and strikes the balance between casual, cool, and sophisticated that French woman achieve so well. To help inspire you, I rounded up photos of a few French muses putting their own spin on the style and shopped out the looks too.

Read on to see the outfit Parisian girls love right now.

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