The Top 5 Fashion Splurges That Are Actually Worth It

When it comes to creating the perfect wardrobe, it's all about finding balance. There will be classics you turn to season after season, but likewise, every few months, we're partial to picking out a trend piece to mix things up. We've explained before that the 80/20 wardrobe formula is what chic women swear by, touching on both investment pieces and fast-fashion buys. So when it comes time to break it down, what are the pieces we're always willing to splurge on?

We polled our editors to find out what they like to save up for and why, and a few patterns emerged from the results. In the end, there were five major categories that we tend to splurge on, for reasons that range from a need for comfort to a desire for something that will stand the test of time.

Curious to see what topped our list? See the five things our editors save up for, and shop them for yourself!