5 Things All Stylish Girls Have in Their Closet

It's fairly well-established by this point that the most stylish women in the world have no shortage of options when it comes to their wardrobes. With access to fashion's latest and greatest in design, they have a sartorial freedom most of us can only ever dream of. Such precise attire like theirs has to be accompanied by some sort of strategy, doesn't it? 

That being said, we have noticed a few items all stylish girls seem to keep on heavy rotation in their closets. Each woman might adopt her own unique perspective on these pieces—but they all own them in one form or another. From that perfect denim wash to dresses for every occasion under the sun, the pieces these stylish women always have on hand are strategic and nonnegotiable when it comes to a killer wardrobe. 

Keep scrolling to learn the five things all stylish girls have in their closet—and to add them to yours now!

Even when it's not that chilly out, fashion girls always seem to have a fabulous coat on hand. That's because a third piece such as a coat can be the extra push an outfit needs to progress from stylish to incredible.

The oversize collar on this coat gives it a modern vibe.

The styling of this coat is almost as good as its color. 

Passing on a blush-pink number like this would be a total crime. 

Bold brass buttons like these are hard to pass up. 

Every stylish woman has a good pair of jeans in her wardrobe—and beyond that, she knows that denim trends aren't always the way to go. She wears what works for her body and shape, and that's why she always looks so killer in her jeans.

Jeans with just the right amount of distressed details like these are hard to come by. 

Meet the jeans every fashion girl is obsessed with. 

This raw hem looks excellent with a pair of double-strap heels. 

Naturally slim your figure with a pair of dark denim.

There's no cleaner look than a pair of white jeans and neutral sandals. 

From work to play to everything in between, the most stylish girls have a dress locked and loaded for every possible event. Even if she lives in jeans and T-shirts, she knows a good dress is a must-have.

There is no event this LBD wouldn't be perfect for. 

Take this dress from your vacations to your idyllic weekend. 

Wear this dress to a black-tie event or over a T-shirt for a more casual look.

Every summer wedding would be lucky to have you as a guest in this dress. 

We love this modern take on the classic shirt dress. 

Every stylish girl has her shoe style. Whether she's a sneaker gal, lives in sky-high pumps, or prefers a good pair of flats, she knows her shoe and she owns it—in plenty of varieties.

This color will never go out of style. 

It's probably time you got a new pair of white sneakers anyways, right?  

Wear these shoes for the rest of the summer, or pair them with glitter socks during the fall. 

One of the most notable things about stylish women is that they all seem to have a jewelry uniform. Whether they layer on the chunky rings or stick to barely there gold and dainty diamonds, most fashion girls know what their jewelry aesthetic is, and they stick to it.

Ear crawlers like this will look great with any and every outfit. 

Every street style star is wearing earrings of this caliber. 

Have you ever seen more perfect stacking rings?

What items do you always have in your closet? Tell us below!

This post has been updated by Lauren Eggertsen.