How Angelenos and New Yorkers Dress SO Differently

It’s quite impossible to compare personal style from city to city in a holistic sense. Within metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York, there are pockets distinct from one another, making each geographical location complex and diverse. I’ve witnessed firsthand that the way women living in Santa Monica dress themselves is vastly dissimilar than women in Silver Lake, and the outfits you see in Midtown aren’t close to what you’d see in SoHo. This is probably not groundbreaking news to you, but it’s an important facet I think people tend to sweep aside when holding West Coast and East Coast styles up against each other. My point? The observations below are based on the aforementioned pockets I’ve personally spent time in within Los Angeles and New York, so if you’ve witnessed an entirely separate set of style observations, share them with me in the comments, because I want to know!