11 Weekender Bags for a Quick Getaway



Figuring out what to pack for a weekend getaway can be difficult, but choosing the bag to haul everything in doesn’t need to be. The ideal weekender bag is neither too big nor too small. Keep in mind that your weekend bag shouldn’t weigh you down, but it should still be big enough to fit a pair of backup shoes. You also want the bag to be stylistically versatile. It should feel comfortable worn over your shoulder at all times—whether you’re in a maxi dress and sandals at a resort in Mexico or in jeans and a flannel en route to the mountains. Lastly, it should be sturdy enough for you to carry everything with confidence. Want to see some of the best weekender bags out there? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite styles to scoop up now so you’re ready for your next impromptu getaway or business trip. Bonus: Most of these bags are gender-neutral.