7 Pretty Wedding Dresses That Aren't White

Wearing a white dress to your wedding is considered a given for many a bride, but we're starting to see more women thinking differently about their approach. After all, you could argue that the idea of the white wedding dress is rooted in a concept as increasingly outdated as the tradition itself: the equation of the bride's purity to her value as a person. 

More and more, modern women are choosing to forgo such sartorial antiquities in favor of off-white and bolder colors, fabrics, and embellishments on their wedding days. It only follows that after expanding your dress options from only white to any color you'd like results in an exponential growth of styles you have to choose from. More colors = more dresses, and with more dresses to consider, who knows what you might end up falling in love with?

We did a bit of digging and found so many non-traditional wedding dresses that blew us away. Keep scrolling to see seven stunning wedding dresses that aren't white!

Are you getting married? Would you ever skip the white dress in favor of something more colorful? Share in the comments below!