All 26 Things You'll Need From Your Engagement to Your Wedding

With my own nuptials less than two weeks out, I’ve spent the last nine months in bride mode. And, while it hasn’t been easy, I can say I’ve learned a lot. Among the most surprising things (aside from how much work it really takes to plan a wedding and how many friends my parents seem to have), was the sheer quantity of items a bride-to-be needs.

Fashion editor or not, from the time I got engaged to now, my time (and seemingly, life) became consumed with the plethora of outfits one has to wear and things you must buy up until the wedding day—especially if, like mine, your pre-engagement wardrobe could hardly be described as “bridal.” And, while I can’t do it all over (nor would I want to), if I could change one thing about my experience, it would have been starting sooner. Instead of pushing aside shopping for things like a rehearsal dinner outfit or a “getting ready” outfit for the day of the wedding to as late as possible, I would have gotten a head start shortly after getting engaged, to make the time closer to the wedding a little easier.

So, in hopes that someone will benefit from my experience, today I’ve put together a list of all the things you’ll need, at the bare minimum, plus some optional items. Of course, you’ll end up with countless other things on your list, such as hosiery or something borrowed, but today we’re focusing on the fashion items you can buy today.

See what they are, and shop my picks for each below.