Seriously: These $35 Shoes Are Bride-Approved

Much like the search for the perfect bridal dress, finding the right wedding shoes can result in you spending hours upon hours in a store, slipping in and out of heels (or sneakers) until you find The One. After the long search (and the big wedding day), the shoes usually end up back in the box and in storage, which is why it can seem a bit impractical to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair you will, most likely, only wear once. The solution? Find shoes that are wearable far beyond the aisle.

That's where our Who What Wear collection heels come in, which are officially bride-approved (and a street style staple, as well). Their versatile nature, however, isn't even the best part—the price tag is. Every style rings in at just under $40, so you can bet they're a great investment, especially when you take cost-per-wear into account. Wear them down the aisle, on the dance floor, in the office, and on the street. And one thing is for sure: They will not end up back in the box and in storage after your wedding day.

Now, read on to see how one bride wore her Who What Wear collection heels for her civil ceremony and then shop some of our favorite shoes that you can wear straight from the aisle onto the street. Ready? Set. Go!


Sharon Yi