How to Put Together a Major Fashion Show

Unless you’re a producer or event manager, knowing the type of preparation that goes into pulling together a fashion show can sometimes be lost. Lifestyle fashion label We Are Handsome always have one of the most incredible runway shows on the entire Fashion Week Australia schedule. No attention to detail is spared.

Ahead of its fashion week presentation today, we sat down with designers (and husband and wife), Jeremy and Katinka Somers to find out exactly what goes into putting together a fashion show. Keep scrolling to find out!

“We had the concept for this show for a long time now! The only trouble we've had is containing our creative endeavours because we so love the theatrics of pulling all the elements together to set the mood for showcasing our collections. 

We officially started working on the theme for the show about two months ago. We worked with an audio-visual and set design company to create a space that feels like you've stepped into James Bond's underground lair. It's dark and moody. 

Our girls are bold and confidently cool, although the collections are bright and playful—the styling is very sleek and slick. With black and gold accents, the girls will be channelling Naomi Campbell's strength and strut on the runway.”—Jeremy and Katinka Somers

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We Are Handsome

“We're tempering our colourful pop of the collection with a reduced palette of styling colours—through accent colours in black and gold. The girls will be wearing gold shoes, and have gold bands circling their limbs.”

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We Are Handsome

“The show and atmospheric concept is dark, moody and intense. The audience will leave with their heart rates elevated. The atmosphere, lighting design, set and sound design all will come together to form an experience that will leave the audience wanting to jump into our activewear and hit a training session. Immediately.” 

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We Are Handsome

“In conceptualising our show we were drawn to our boldest muses from the 90's, the supermodels. This year’s girl is cool, she's a trend-setter, a go-getter, a cool enigma, she's Elle, or Cindy, or Claudia, but channelling Naomi's fierce charm down the runway.” 

Do you think it would be fun to pull together a fashion show? Share in the comments below and then shop the current We Are Handsome collection if you're feeling inspired.

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