5 Genius Ways to Drop a Hint to Get the Jewelry You Want

Imagine how easy it would be if someone told you exactly what they wanted for the holidays and with a click of a button, you have their gifts ready to go. But why is it that when it comes to you telling your S.O. or best friend exactly what you want, you feel awkward. Totally understandable, but also something that is easy to avoid.

Take dropping hints for example: it’s a way to let your S.O. or best friend know what you’ve had on your radar without having to blurt out what it is that you want. So go ahead, get a piece of David Yurman jewelry this season without feeling that tinge of shyness with this go-to hint guide. 

Keep scrolling to see which hint works best for you.


By now, it should be an unwritten rule that if you want to see what people have been coveting, you just check out their Pinterest boards. Title yours “Holiday Wish List” and pin the David Yurman jewelry you’ve been wanting.


See something on Instagram that begs for your significant other’s attention? Tag that special someone in the comments with the note "I REALLY want."


Chatting away while browsing through your wish lists? A subtle way to let the person you’re pinging know your jewelry of choice is to send over the link, followed by “Isn’t this cute?” Works like magic.


The old matching trick. Sometimes when you want to buy an item that your friend has had her eye on, you can say “Let’s match?” so that it doesn’t seem like you took the idea. Same trick here, but instead, you can let her know that this is the David Yurman piece you want and that buying a matching pair would be fun. Your best friend will know that you want this piece!


One of the easiest ways to drop a hint is by asking the other person what she wants for the holidays with the hopes of her asking you in return. When she does, make it a point to give her exact details, like how you really appreciate the details on that David Yurman necklace, or when you first saw it in stores.

How would you drop a hint to get the gift you want? Tell us in the comments below.