This Is the Warmest Type of Beanie

Cold weather necessitates a shift to warmer clothing, but when the weather really takes a turn, every detail counts. Covering the top of your head with a good hat is key when it comes to keeping toasty, but some toppers will do a better job of it than others. Renowned accessories designer Eugenia Kim—a woman who knows her headwear—recommends looking for a ribbed wool beanie specifically. She explains, “The chunky, uneven surface of a ribbed knit helps insulate better than a flat knit, and the wool is also known to be a natural insulator.”

Taking her cue, if you’re looking for an extra-warm headpiece, make sure to inspect the material. This season, there are plenty of good-looking textured wool and cashmere—a type of wool—beanies heavy-duty enough to keep you cozy on the chilliest of nights. From her own collection, Kim suggests the Rain Ribbed Hand-Knit Wool Beanie as the warmest choice for the winter. The pom-pom on top is just for a little extra fun.

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