The Unexpected Street Style Accessory We Never Thought We'd See

Are we ready for the return of the wallet chain? If you’d asked me yesterday, I would’ve thought no, but today? Whole different story. That would be because A) I’m fickle, and B) fashion can be unpredictable. This morning, I came across a street style image of Gilda Amborsio (one half of the creative team behind the label Attico), in slinky silk pants with a chain strap wallet/keychain attached. The addition of the chain re-affirmed my belief that basically everything will come back around at some stage, and with the right styling and iteration of the trend, it can look even better the second time around.

So how are we styling the trend? Keep away from pairing it with denim (like they did back then), and opt for soft silk trousers, or Bermuda shorts to keep the look chic and elevated.

Convinced? Keep scrolling to peep the look and shop your own.


Style Du Monde

WHO: Gilda Ambrosio

It's from the men's department, so we have a feeling you'll be fighting with your BF over this one.

Clip it to your pants, or clip it to your handbag so everyone can see the cute motif.

This chain-strap wallet will hold more cards than you can count.

This mini card holder imitates the brands' signature tote.

Simple, and affordable. Opt for this chain-wallet if you're keen to test out the trend.

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