This Hoodie Was Invented to Reduce Your Stress



We know that shopping can boost our mood in times of need, but imagine if a specific clothing item could have the same effect. Well, according to the London-based developers behind The Baker Miller Hoodie, it can! As first reported by our friends at The Cut, the hoodie—originally developed to calm down athletes before a big game—uses “color technology and physiology” to "enhance your parasympathetic nervous system’s ability to help you rest and recover before and after sport."

So, how exactly does it do that? To start, it floods your field of vision with pink as a means of reducing your heart rate, and then plays recordings of something called “pink noise” that are said to “regulate your brainwaves.” Sure, it sounds a little silly, but it’s actually based in scientific research done by Alexander Schauss in the late 1970s. The researcher found that color could affect our moods, and that staring at shades of pink had an especially pronounced effect—capable of lowering our heart rates and even suppressing our appetites.

We may not be professional athletes, but we sure are tempted to try it out. After all, we normals endure a lot of stress, too! Sadly, it’s not the cheapest—it retails for £220 or roughly $334—but with the holidays right around the corner, it might be worth adding to your list. Who knows? It could be just what you need to handle all of those out-of-town relatives.

Do you think something like this could actually work? Sound off in the comments, and shop some of the best hoodies on the market!