The Surprising Advice Anna Wintour Gives Designers

There's no questioning the influence Anna Wintour holds in the fashion world. The Vogue editor in chief commands a certain air of mystique, with her words and opinions all chosen as carefully as her meticulously chic wardrobe. That's why when she offers some sage words of advice, we stop and take note. 

French designer Joseph Altuzarra recently recalled some of the most valuable advice he was given from Wintour herself when he appeared on the latest episode of The Vogue Podcast with Vogue fashion news director Mark Holgate. After reflecting on the advice Holgate gave him at the start of his career about it actually being good to make mistakes, Altuzarra added, "Anna [Wintour] sort of reiterated that the last time I saw her: 'It's okay if it's not always perfect, and it's okay if you have an idea that sort of falls flat. It's fine. Because you're trying [and] you're doing something new.'"

We were so pleasantly surprised to hear such comforting words from two of the biggest fashion icons in the world. Be sure to click over to the rest of the interview and hear what else Altuzarra had to say about his journey.

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What's the most valuable career advice you've ever received? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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