What Meetings Are Really Like at Vogue

Curious what goes down inside the hallowed halls of Vogue? Us too, which is why we were giddy to learn some insider tidbits about what meetings are like, courtesy of this week's episode of the Vogue Podcast.

For the episode, host André Leon Talley invited five of the magazine's head honchos to join him: Grace Coddington, Virginia Smith, Phyllis Posnick, and Tonne Goodman. While they talked mostly about the spring collections that debuted at fashion week last month, Coddington mentioned how their fashion meetings have been different recently.

"You know them well from back in the day, André," she said. "But now—only the last three [meetings] since the collections—they've become very chitchatty." Talley then interjected, saying, "Before, they were very Fear and Loathing." Coddington went on to say that recent ones have been very similar to the casual nature of this podcast. "It wasn't like, 'Okay, Virginia, now you can talk and nobody interrupts,'" she continued. "Everyone was interrupting." Talley then agreed that you get much more out of these types of meetings.

So there you have it: Meetings used to be fearful events, but now the editors are way less rigid. Interesting!

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