The Sandal Style Vogue Thinks You Should Never Wear

If there's one singular fashion outlet we regularly turn to for the dos and don't of style (aside from our own site, of course!), it's Vogue. Early this summer, the magazine posted a little-covered treatise against a certain beloved sandal, and the story is just now starting to trend again. The style firmly planted in its crosshairs? Flip-flops.

"When [a Vogue editor] comes out against something, we do so with fervor and with very good reason," writer Rebecca Bengal submits. "And now, for reasons not exactly political, but ergonomic, hygienic, environmental, aesthetic, and on, and on, I submit to that list of Don’ts: the flip-flop."

Hatred of the flip-flop in the fashion community isn't limited to Vogue, of course; we at Who What Wear also recently spoke out against them. But Bengal writes in opposition to them with such passion and vitriol that we must give her props for her unequivocal stance against the toe-dividing footwear.

"My exclusion of the flip-flop is gender-inclusive and unrelenting," she says. "Take them to the beach, take them to the pool, but apart from that, take them off! When it comes to shoes in summertime, I am all about a sandal, high or low; a slip-on, a loafer, an oxford, a clog, a high-top Chuck, a high heel slung over a bicycle pedal, a boot; even a boat shoe. There is room in my shoe closet for many, many things, and not a single one of them is a flip-flop."

Hear, hear! Keep scrolling to shop some of our favourite non–flip-flops now.

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