Visionaries Flo Morrissey

Flo Morrissey is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Notting Hill, London, with a passion for folk music. At the age of 15, she was coordinating her own music videos and uploading her songs onto MySpace. She was signed to Glassnote Records after releasing a live performance of “If You Can’t Love, This All Goes Away,” and at the end of 2014, she released her single “Pages of Gold.” This was followed by the release of her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, in June 2015, and shortly afterward, she was included in notable festival lineups like Glastonbury.

Morrissey on the key to success...

My advice is to be yourself, It sounds obvious but we really can take for granted our innate wisdom and forget that you are your best teacher. Having said that, it's great to find your tribe, Finding like minded people in my field has really helped me as an artist and a person! but also I enjoy and love to meet people who do the complete opposite to me, its refreshing and inspires me to look outside of the box and see how you can meet somewhere where they are, whatever they do. I like to try to find balance between sharing and what should be sacred, in a world with so much technology and media- this really does help artists to connect with fans through it but its also important to not live your life through these platforms and use them as a wonderful tool rather than the be all and end all! That energy should be kept for your work. For me, learning the mundane things like sitting down at my desk and writing for a few hours no matter if what I write is good or bad, just committing to the practice, that's where the magic can happen, it doesn't need to be a lightning bolt of inspiration when you least expect it, that can happen! But i'm learning you have to put in the work and really get out of your own way, worry later, keep going straight, nothing is a mistake and always remembering to love and have passion for what you do!


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