Visionaries Erica Choi

New York–based RISD alum Erica Choi graduated with a BFA in graphic design. She is the digital art director for Barneys New York, and she previously worked with a variety of luxury brands in the digital landscape, including Aveda, Teen Vogue, and Createthe Group. Choi is a leading influencer in style and design, especially on Instagram, with roughly 258K people following her @eggcanvas account. The Amulette de Cartier stone that keeps her driven is the Guilloché Yellow Gold, which symbolizes enthusiasm and energy, and reminds her to stop and enjoy the pleasure of each experience.

Choi on the key to success...

Never underestimate your abilities and the power that you have to do something amazing, but be aware that nothing ever gets simply handed to you. It is about endurance and hard work that needs to be put in, as well as curiosity and passion that will hone your skills, all the while having fun along the way.


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