Visionaries Amina Muaddi

Amina Muaddi, designer and co-founder of Italian footwear label Oscar Tiye, discovered her passion for shoes early on. She ventured off to Milan, where she studied fashion communication at the European Institute of Design, and strengthened her knowledge via styling gigs for GQ and L’Uomo Vogue, but she ultimately built her talent from scratch, retreating to esteemed shoe district Riviera del Brenta, where she worked with artisans and suppliers. Since Oscar Tiye’s 2013 launch, the brand has garnered attention from a range of celebrities, which include (but are not limited to) Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Kylie Jenner, Zoe Saldana, Heidi Klum, and countless others.

Muaddi on the key to success...

Before starting my brand someone dear to me told me to go live my dream. I think most people don’t do that or delay that moment for years out of fear. I was also scared at the idea of changing my life and my career but the desire to create was stronger than my fears. When you really want something you must be brave and extremely passionate but most importantly you mustn’t give up when things get hard because things will get extremely hard. That is the moment when you have to keep going and keep believing because if you do eventually everybody else will follow. Don’t let any drawback keep you from starting and don't let people influence you easily after you do. You must follow your instinct - maybe someone will try to make you feel like you are not good enough, or talented enough or won’t give you a chance - listen to good advice but then follow your instinct. Anyways it's your intuition that told you to start in first place.


Oscar Tiye