The Vintage Trends Los Angeles Girls Swear By



Known for being eternally feminine and traveling among the fashion set, Jenny Cipoletti of Margo and Me is stylish in a way that only women from past decades have mastered. So it is no surprise that her fashion inspiration stems from another era. When she recently stepped out on Fifth Avenue for New York Fashion Week, she wore a checked dress and Mary Jane heels that looked like they were plucked from the ’70s. And tucked under her arm, a Mark Cross bag inspired by a vintage binocular case. If there is any question about what inspired her outfit, just look to her Instagram caption: “Paris, 1977 #vintagevibes.”

As it happens, we’re seeing a move to vintage trends in Los Angeles—the city Cipoletti calls home. When you think of L.A. style, ripped jeans, band tees, and oversize sunglasses might come to mind, but it’s not all casual, beach-inspired outfits like you might imagine. They do exist, but more sophisticated looks and retro trends are also on the rise, and L.A. fashion girls like Jenny Cipoletti are putting them on the map.

Interested to find out more about the shift in the fashion scene, I turned to Cipoletti to hear what she had to say about the biggest vintage trends of the moment and how to make them feel fresh and modern.

Go on to find which vintage trends are on the rise this season, and then shop our favorite pieces to tap into the looks.