This Dad Shirt Is Now a Fashion-Girl Favorite

Once the province of dads who took their vacation time maybe a little bit too seriously, vintage-style Hawaiian shirts have undergone a fashion renaissance in recent seasons, and they now have the seal of approval from some of our favorite street-style stars.

Worn big and boxy over a pair of silky trousers (à la Margaret Zhang above) or cropped at the waist and paired with a pencil skirt, the tropical-print button-downs make any outfit instantly summery. Even over a plain old pair of black skinny jeans, the shirts have personality—just ask Harry Styles, who is famously fond of the trend.

If you want authentic vintage, search Etsy, eBay, or specialty sites like Aloha Shirt Shop, which stock dozens of different prints and cuts to suit any taste (well, almost any—wallflowers need not apply). Or if you'd rather shop new, you'll find options at fast-fashion brands like Zara and Mango, as well as Korean line SJYP and fashion's go-to blouse brand, Equipment.

Keep scrolling to shop more than a dozen Hawaiian shirts—new and vintage—to wear this summer (no vacation required).