The Jeans Every San Francisco Girl Is Wearing

If there's one piece of vintage clothing every San Francisco girl owns, it's a pair of throwback jeans. Iconic denim brand Levi's is headquartered in SF, after all. Bloggers and trendsetters from the City by the Bay have mastered the art of making both vintage and retro-inspired styles look especially cool.

Admittedly, pulling off vintage clothing, and jeans especially, can be a tricky task. We've all fallen victim to trying on mom jeans that felt a little too frumpy. But taking a page out of San Francisco women's style playbooks proves that these jeans can look oh so cool when styled just right. With the addition of a chic statement top and a great pair of heels, vintage jeans feel on trend for 2017. Curious to see the San Francisco take on vintage-style denim?

Check out a few of our favorite looks below and then shop jeans to help you give the look a spin too!