Don't Fight It: This Will Be Your Next Swimsuit Purchase

It’s officially swimsuit season, and if you have beach plans in your future, there’s no better time than the present to find some new styles for your next getaway. The ones topping our list this season are high-waisted silhouettes inspired by vintage bathing suits. The cut has been around for 71 years, but it looks just as fresh today as it did back then.

To inspire your next beach look, we rounded up 20 high-waisted swimsuits that are stylish, flattering, and above all, completely cool. Thanks to high-tech fabrics, new cuts, and details like lace-up seams, these vintage-inspired swimsuits look nothing but modern. With prices starting at just $24, we’re certain there’s a style among these that will work for you this summer. What better way to inspire your next vacation than the perfect swimsuit to pack into your suitcase?

Keep reading to see how fashion girls are wearing high-waisted swimsuits. Then, shop 20 styles to wear all summer long.