The Top 5 Shoe Styles, According to Victoria's Secret Models


Getty Images 

Victoria's Secret models know a thing or two about statement-making footwear. And with today being the air date of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, there's no time like the present to channel the It girls who walk the runway for the brand. Since they've been out and about so much lately, both in Paris and doing nonstop press for the show, we couldn't help but notice that there are five distinct types of shoes they wear over and over. Included in their five-piece footwear wardrobe are various takes on a few shoe styles that you probably know and love as well. And the best part is that most of these five shoe styles are all pretty classic at this point, so if the models' obsessions convince you to invest in a new pair or two, you won't regret it a few months down the road. Ready to see the shoes that Victoria's Secret models pair with their skinny jeans, miniskirts, and leather pants?

Check them out and shop our pick for each below!

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