Exclusive: VS Angels on the Best Holiday Gift (It's Not Lingerie)

The Victoria’s Secret Angels have never been shy about what kind of items make a special gift for the holidays. We’re talking lace, silk, satin, and generally anything special for your and your S.O.’s eyes only. But this holiday season, the Angels are sending a bit of a different message, wearing cozy sweaters no less. No wings, no lingerie.

“I would give everyone the power of understanding,” says Martha Hunt, with the help of Leomie Anderson. Compassion, communicating, love—these are the themes at the center of the VS models’ holiday wishes in their just-released video, seen exclusively here first. “We might be from different cultures and different backgrounds, but we all deserve the same amount of respect,” Anderson also succinctly states.

Sure, we're all for the fanfare of Angel wings and something extra special to wear, but it's even better to see these models standing up for something much more powerful than a present. Watch below for their complete holiday wishes. 

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