The Easy Airport Outfit VS Models Are Wearing to Shanghai



We're all dreading the long hours of holiday travel, but for Victoria's Secret Angels, there's a globe-crossing flight to Shanghai on the horizon. With 15-plus hours of flying time before arriving at the destination for this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you can bet that dressing comfortably is a requirement. So it should come as no surprise that Angel Elsa Hosk is planning to head to the airport in your favorite lazy-day ensemble: pajamas.

"I can't wait to travel in pajamas," said Hosk via email interview. "For my trip to Shanghai for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I am planning to wear the new Angel Sweater. It is so comfortable and stylish."

Finding an airport look that is both stylish and comfortable can be tricky, and while pajamas may feel too casual for some, Hosk has a few tips for pulling it off. "PJ's look really good with loafers or sneakers and a cute jacket or even a sweater over it, " she notes. "That way it just shows the PJ pants, which is a really cute look." If you weren't sure about wearing your sleepwear to the airport before, let this Victoria's Secret Angel inspire you.

Read on to shop pieces inspired by Hosk's advice.

I think pajamas are very stylish right now. People wear them out with a cute loafer and a jacket. That way when you're traveling, you can sleep and be comfortable.

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