Victoria Beckham Just Debunked the Biggest Myth About Her


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"People seem to think I don't smile very often – which actually couldn’t be further from the truth!" Victoria Beckham may be serious about fashion, but she wants everyone to know that she knows how to have fun, too. With her collaboration with Target soon to hit stores, Beckham is celebrating with a tongue-in-cheek T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "Fashion Stole My Smile."

"The Target collection is inspired by the playful spirit of my Victoria, Victoria Beckham line—so this T-shirt is a funny, light-hearted way to pay tribute to the essence of both collections," Beckham said via email interview. "It's also a knowing nod to this other 'persona' of mine, which seems to be out there if you like!"

While Beckham has earned herself a legion of fans devoted to her polished style, she believes that fashion is "something which should be enjoyed—it's great fun—so let's not take it too seriously!" Whether that means playing with bold colors or unexpected proportions, Beckham isn't afraid to mix things up.

But she still abides the rule to keep things simple. "I don't like anything overly fussy. I look for good quality materials, classic cuts, pieces that drape beautifully on the body." But, like the busy women she dresses, it's not always that easy. "Factor in four children, though, and on weekdays it sometimes comes down to the first thing I find in my wardrobe!"

And as for how she's planning to wear her new tee? "This one worn with a suit would work really well."

Read on to see the funny new tee designed by Victoria Beckham.