This Explains Why Victoria Beckham Dresses the Way She Does

If you were (or are—fair enough) a fan of the Spice Girls, you know how much Victoria Beckham's style has changed over the years. Gone are the days of platform stilettos and micro minidresses. These days, her aesthetic is much more minimal and relaxed. Of course, the fact that she wears her own designs almost exclusively these days may have something to do with the cohesiveness of her "chill" look, but Beckham just divulged how she developed her personal style a little more specifically.

As reported by The Telegraph, during a F/W 17 presentation for her Victoria Victoria Beckham collection, she said, "I've learned so much about standing on the red carpet, being photographed, because I'm constantly seeing images." She added, "I've figured out what suits me and what doesn't. I'm not so sure those PVC catsuits—well, it was good at the time, and it's made me who I am. But I'm much more secure in myself now, at my age, where I am, with my family and my career, and I think you can see that in the way I dress."

So there you have it—along with her musings on how her style reflecting where she is in life, Beckham confirmed that she developed her look by studying pictures of herself to determine what worked and what didn't, which is a practice that we can all utilize (even if our pictures aren't from a red carpet).

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Opening Image: Getty Images