Raise Your Hand If You Forgot About Victoria Beckham's Reality Show

These days, Victoria Beckham is best known as a powerhouse fashion designer, but 10 years ago, you might have known the former Spice Girl better as a reality TV star. Yep, it's true: For those of you who forgot about her small-screen days, in 2007 she starred in a one-hour reality TV special called "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America." 

The show documented her move from London to Los Angeles and yielded some of Beckham's best quotes, including this gem: "I don't want to be seen having fun, smiling, or eating—perish the thought." If you want to see Beckham play baseball with her sons in heels, stage a photo shoot at the DMV, or try to talk her way out of a parking ticket, you officially know where to go. 

Scroll down to revisit Victoria Beckham: Coming to America from 2007. 

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