Victoria Beckham Shares Her Mother's Most Important Wisdom

Although we love our own mothers (and mother figures) just fine, there are a few celebs we can’t help but wish were our parents too! Sitting at the top of the list? The übercool Victoria Beckham, who—despite her busy lifestyle—always seems to have her four children by her side. Whether she’s sitting front row with them at a fashion show or cheering from the sidelines at their sports games, her love for them is loud and clear.

Well, it appears that Beckham has her own mother to thank for the great training. WWD recently asked the designer to share the best advice she’s received from her mother, and heres what she had to say:

"Youre only ever as happy as your unhappiest child. I hope thats not too doom and gloom, but it makes sense. You feel whatever your children are feeling."

It makes total sense, and we’re definitely keeping it in our playbook for the future.

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