Proof That Victoria Beckham Doesn't Care About Matching Clothing

No one can argue that Victoria Beckham’s style isn't refined. She is someone who always looks polished, styled but never overly so, and equally prepared to take a business meeting or head to a fancy fashion affair. But the more we admire her look from afar, the more we realize we can’t assume to know all about the designer's style habits. As serious as she might seem, she's someone who has fun and experiments with her clothing choices, and her latest outfit is just one example of that.

Departing Paris for London today, we spotted Beckham in a colorful ensemble that eschewed most typical notions of what "matches." To clarify, her look was a blend of an aqua shirt, tangerine trousers, a cream coat, and a mahogany handbag. In essence, the pieces touch almost all corners of the color wheel, but they still felt as cohesive and sophisticated as any other Beckham ensemble.

>While the look comes together seamlessly due to its lack of print and clean tailoring, the hue choices make a case for stepping a bit farther outside your usual definition of what items go together or which colors match. Something to think about the next time you get dressed.

>Scroll down to see Beckham's full look that makes a case for a very bold style move.

Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

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