This Over-the-Top Vacation Lets You Live Like Gigi Hadid for 2 Weeks



Have you ever looked at a photograph of Gigi Hadid modeling couture clothing in a Parisian palace or lying in a bikini on an island beach and thought, I wonder what that’s like? Yeah? Us too—all the time. Well, now you can actually find out. Luxury website is offering a two-week trip in which you can travel to six famous fashion photography locations around the world and model for Perou, a top fashion photographer, at each stop. In other words, you’ll have the supreme supermodel experience. No, we’re not kidding—this actually exists.

This over-the-top vacation brings you to London, Paris, Venice, Capri, New York, and Turks and Caicos in just 14 days. It’s not unlike a typical week for a model whose last name is Hadid, Jenner, or Campbell. As for posing in luxury brands for a top photographer at the sites where iconic campaigns and spreads were taken? Sounds amazing—if you have the funds for it.

The fashion-filled fantasy trip will run you $216,830 per person, according to’s press release. This price tag includes tour guides, flights, hotels, outfits, chauffeurs, and six framed prints from the photo shoots of this extraordinary experience (not to mention so much Instagram #content). Clearly, in order to attain the supermodel life—the non-professional kind—you must pay the price. And if it’s within your budget, by all means live out all those supermodel dreams… for you and us both.

Find out more information about the trip on, and for easily attainable goals, check out our tips for easy, stylish travel outfits.