11 Party-Ready Dresses You'll Wear Long After the Holidays

If your Instagram feed hasn’t reminded you already, December has arrived, and with it a slew of party invites and outfits to start stressing over. Finding a go-to look is key during this hectic time of year, but there are so many options to consider: Do you go for a skirt and a top? A trouser situation? It’s easy to get sucked into purchasing a holiday-centric piece that doesn’t quite work outside of a confetti-filled fête. We’ve been there, and this year we’ve vowed to change our ways (consider it a pre–New Year’s resolution).

One easy way to ensure you get your money’s worth is by investing in a versatile dress that won’t be banished to the back of your closet once the magic of the holiday season begins to fade. You’ll just want to keep a few things top of mind—texture, silhouette, and festive embellishments. To get you started on your shopping quest, we’ve rounded up 11 cool dresses that tick off every box and work for a wide range of occasions. 

Keep scrolling to see the Neiman Marcus pieces we’re currently coveting, and add them to your cart stat.

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