The Forever 21 Dress One Editor Calls "Magic"

Now and then, without even knowing it, we buy a dress we didn't know we needed until we wear it to death and refer to it as, "the perfect dress." In the case of one InStyle editor, she stumbled upon a life-changing dress at her friend's place, where she was in search of something to wear to a wedding. "It was cool. It was flattering. It was from Forever 21," she says. At $28, the simple, knee-length shift dress became the borrowed dress that never made it back to its rightful owner.

She not only wore it to the wedding, but she continued to wear it over and over again for everything from a first date to brunch, and even her first day of work at InStyle. "This dress became the most essential item in my closet," she admits. Eventually, she purchased one to replace the one she got away with keeping, and she outlines the many ways the "magic" dress can be styled for any occasion in her story. 

Read more about her LBD on InStyle, and shop the very versatile dress below.

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