In-the-Know Women Get Their Jewelry Here

It’s not every day that you come across a genuinely stylish brand that’s also affordable; there’s usually a catch, right? Either the website seems fishy or the pieces aren’t actually made well. Such is not the case when it comes to the spotlight of today’s post: Ventrone Chronicles. We were recently introduced to this Los Angeles–based label that’s run by two sisters (Daniella and Sophia Ventrone), and immediately after glancing at their site, we were hooked.

As you’ll see below, the site is chock-full of affordable gold jewelry (primarily chokers) that feels like a chic combination of vintage baubles and contemporary, minimalist pieces you can wear with virtually everything in your closet—second skin, if you will. Even better, everything is around $30 to $50. Score!

To get the inside scoop about this up-and-coming brand, we tapped Daniella and Sophia to learn everything from how they actually started Ventrone Chronicles to what we can expect from their upcoming clothing collection. Scroll down to read the interview, and shop your favorite items along the way.