These Sneakers Go With Nothing; Therefore, They Go With Everything

We all have a piece (or two, or eight) in our wardrobes that we consider so special, so distinct, that they can be paired with absolutely everything. Well, sneaker and art lovers alike will feel that way about the latest Vans collaboration. Though skater shoes have also become something of a fashion staple for cool girls everywhere, this partnership shows the Vans signature slip-on sneakers in a new, very avant-garde light, thanks in part to Marc Jacobs.

In collaboration with the iconic New York designer, part of Vans’s S/S 17 collection takes a wild turn with custom pairs that speak to Jacobs’s point of view, according to High Snobiety. And he’s not the only—and not the most statement-making—of the collaborations either. Other Vans slip-ons showcase a plethora of push pins à la the drag queen Milk as well as a cluster of colorful splotches courtesy of Jin Soon Choi.

The styles all arrive in Marc Jacobs stores this Friday, June 16, and in very, very limited quantities. The most passionate of statement-sneaker collectors will want to move fast.

Take a look at a few of the Vans collaborative styles below.