This Is the Secret to Being a Pro Fashion Critic

Fashion criticism 101: If you’re curious about the gig of a fashion critic, there’s no better person to turn to than seasoned veteran Vanessa Friedman. Surface magazine published an in-depth interview the industry vet, who lent her voice to the Financial Times for 11 years and now works as The New York Times’s chief fashion critic. She dished out lots of sage advice, including what it takes to be good at her job. “The key to being a good critic is not taking clothes too personally,” she told Surface magazine. “I consider fashion’s importance in women’s lives, the history of the brand I am looking at, and what is going on with fashion in general.” She also explained how she tackles the most delicate aspect of her job: “It’s always hard to criticize designers because you know how hard they have worked on things,” she said. “But if you don’t, designers won’t value the praise when it comes. And I hope I deliver criticism in a constructive way.” Read the rest of the enlightening interview at Surface. [Surface]

Ferragamo goes high-tech: Salvatore Ferragamo has announced plans to insert microchips into its shoes and bags. The reasoning? To both protect the brand from counterfeiters and help with resale value. Interesting! Shop Ferragamo accessories here. [British Vogue]

Lea Michele–approved: Byrdie chatted about all things beauty with Lea Michele, who dished on everything from her healthy lifestyle to her skincare routine. You’d be wise to heed her smart advice. [Byrdie]

Wanderlust: Bit by the travel bug? MyDomaine rounded up the movies you should definitely add to your must-see list. From the French Riviera–based To Catch a Thief to India-set The Darjeeling Limited, these films will make you want to bust out your passport pronto. [MyDomaine]