The Affordable Items You'll Wear for the Rest of Summer


Collage Vintage

Urban Outfitters is definitely nothing new, but as of late, the retailer has been pulling out all the stops, and we figured you should know about it. As a friendly reminder, each week we pick out one affordable retailer and highlight its selection of new arrivals. This week, as we were browsing Urban's site, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found—a slew of on-trend and incredibly affordable summer items.

Not that Urban Outfitters hasn't always been cute, but at this exact moment, we almost didn't recognize it—it's that good. From striped linen rompers to edgy graphic T-shirts, if you so desired, you could live off of just the new-arrivals section at Urban for the rest of the summer and be perfectly fine (and incredibly stylish).

Go on to shop our favorite items from the Urban Outfitters new-arrivals section.