Your New One-Stop Shop for Every Denim Style Imaginable

Is it just us, or does it seem like every day there’s a new denim trend on everyone’s radar? It feels nearly impossible to keep up, both physically and financially, with all the latest jean styles. But this week, Urban Outfitters has released a denim collection that could solve all our problems.

The BDG Denim Fall 2017 collection has every design and fit you’ve ever read about, seen on Instagram, or spotted a celebrity strutting in. The lineup features classic fits in fresh washes, as well as styles that will most likely become your new favorites. While it seems like this launch couldn’t get any better, just wait until you see the price tags. Most pairs are somewhere between $50 and $100.

In honor of the line’s launch, select Urban Outfitters will host BDG denim customization events, where you can shop and personalize any pair by distressing, sketching, fringing, embroidering, and more. These events are set to take place at 11 stores around the world, so keep an eye on stores near you throughout the month of July.

Check out some of the styles in the BDG Denim Fall 2017 collection below.