This Is the Most Important Fashion Purchase You Can Make Now

You can't deny the power of the white blouse. It's one of those go-tos that just always works, whether you pair it with a suit for the office or with jeans for the weekend. While the crisp, classic iteration will always be "in," this season, our favorite blouse style got a makeover after designers like Ellery reinvented the top. The 2016 iteration features more interesting details (i.e. bell sleeves!) and unique cuts. The beauty of this new style is that it adds the same sort of polish and sophistication as a standard white blouse, but gives your overall vibe an even more modern feel. Plus, it's just as versatile and can be styled a zillion different ways—i.e., you need one. Now.

Go on to check out some of our favorite ways to wear the updated white blouse—and shop a few of our favorites too.