9 Wardrobe Basics That Are So Much Cooler Now

When it comes to basics, while a well-rounded wardrobe can’t really survive without them, unfortunately, the category as a whole can have a tendency to live up to its name and feel just that: basic. This is especially so if, like many of us, your day-to-day look is comprised of less “trendy” pieces and more traditional ones. So what’s the solution?

If you ask us, it’s selecting pieces that still can be used as a basic, such as a trench or slide sandal would, but simply finding a more interesting, elevated version. Luckily, that doesn’t require a major investment as far as your budget is concerned because our very own Who What Wear collection is full of affordable items that fit the bill. From my personal favorite denim jacket to the kitten heels everyone in our office is wearing, continue on to shop the coolest versions of some of the most necessary basics out there and read a bit about them while you’re at it.