The 5 Items That Are Universally Slimming

We try to be very cautious here at Who What Wear when advising women on fashion pieces that claim to be "universally" anything, whether it be slimming, flattering, appropriate, and so forth. But this time around, we really feel like we've nailed down something solid.

We rummaged through our mental closets, our rolodexes of fashion styles, and produced five clothing styles we believe to be universally slimming for all women. Whether you are apple-, pear-, or boy-shaped, these styles will suit your figure and flatter your silhouette. When worn in the appropriate fit, they are remarkably universal in their appeal.

Keep scrolling to find out which five pieces we find universally slimming (and why we think so), and shop these options now! 

It's pretty well-accepted that of all the colors, black is the most universally flattering. (There's a reason every woman is encouraged to own at least one good LBD.) But we'll go so far as to say that a good black dress in a midi length is actually more flattering than any other length; a dress that hits your silhouette just below the knee accentuates all your curves in the best possible way.

Jeans are not traditionally thought of as "slimming" items in general, mainly because of the high risk women run of wearing a pair that doesn't fit just right. But if you're on the hunt for a pair that is more likely than any other to slim you down, a high-waisted set is your best bet. They smooth out your body's lines from waist to ankle without cutting you off awkwardly at the hips; and, of course, they accentuate every woman's slimmest part: your waist!

Because of its long lines and the fact that it segments your vertical silhouette into even thirds from left to right, a long sleeveless jacket is a fantastic piece that will slim down every woman. (Plus, its billowing shape will cover up any areas you don't want on full display.)

We'd argue that a good A-line skirt is right up there with an LBD on the list of items every woman should own. The cinched-in waist that's the trademark of an A-line skirt is a necessity for women who are looking to slim down via their wardrobes. The way an A-line skirt then flares out at the hemline makes your waist look even smaller.

The '70s trend du jour might dictate that wide-leg and flared trousers are the "in" pant of the moment, but for maximum slimming effect, we recommend reaching for a slim, cropped pair instead. The combination of a high waist, a straight leg, and a flash of ankle skin will make you look seven feet talland slimmer than ever. 

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What are your favorite slimming pieces? Tell us below!