Exclusive: Keep.Com Launches First Universal Online Shopping Cart

This is major: Keep.com—the fashion discovery tool that rivals Pinterest but also guarantees that visitors can shop every image on the site—has teamed up with Apple to lauch the first-ever universal online shopping cart. In layperson's terms: it's one shopping cart, into which you can place items from any online store. It might sound crazy, and that's because it kind of is: this is the first app of its kind, that reaches across multiple online sellers to allow you to shop in one place. 

How it works: Keep.com serves as the intermediary between you (the shopper) and the retailers. If you want to buy a dress from Anthropologie, a shirt from J.Crew, and a pair of shoes from Nasty Gal (for example), you can add all those items to one cart, then check out from that cart. Essentially, Keep is buying those products for you, then you are buying them from Keep. Keep manages order placement and all communications, including order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and delivery status.

Why this is awesome: not only will it make your online shopping experience much more streamlined (no more hundreds of passwords to remember!), but it is also much easier. You only have to enter your credit card information oncea great innovation for those of us who might have memorized our credit card numbers long ago from entering it way too many times.

For returns: The most obvious question here is this: What happens if you need to make a return? Essentially, if you need to return an item you bought through the Keep OneCart, you do so through normal returning channels with individual retailers. Keep also has a concierge team (they've dubbed them "GoGetters") who can assist you if you need help with any aspect of your transaction.

For now, the app is only available in the iTunes store, with plans down the road to launch an Android version.

Download the app in the iTunes store to try it out for yourself. And scroll down to check out some screenshots from the app to see how it really works!