Not a Diamond Girl? These Are the Engagement Rings You Should Try Instead

Let's face it. Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend. The reason why we even wear an engagement ring in the first place is so outdated, it sounds like it could be a joke (if you're interested, in the early 1900s, engagement rings were given as a form of virginity insurance, read about it here). 

We recently talked about engagement etiquette in 2016, covering everything from what to do if you dislike your ring, to why you should also consider splitting the cost of the ring, and one of the topics that garnered the most attention in our office was the fact that you don't need a diamond solitaire ring. There are so many contemporary jewellery designers creating engagement rings with alternate stones that can be more affordable, but just as beautiful and unique.

Today, we've picked our five favourite alternate engagement rings to diamonds. Keep scrolling to see them all, and pass this on to anyone who might be planning to pop the question in the near future!

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