This Indie Brand Makes My Favorite Affordable Tee

To call myself a T-shirt connoisseur might seem a bit flowery, but it's not untrue. Stuffed into my embarrassingly unorganized dresser drawers are any number of perfectly comfy tees from brands that I adore. But recently there's one T-shirt from Uniform that has come to rule them all, and it's only $22. But don't let the low price point fool you, Uniform is not a fast-fashion brand.

Created by Chid Liberty, a Liberian-American entrepreneur, Uniform is a socially conscious clothing line that focuses on doing the basics, and doing them well. "I feel modern professionals are so overstimulated by choice right now," Liberty said via email interview. "I think that people we are in an era where people are focusing on what really matters to them—not more, not less. Limiting our choices actually makes us freer and happier."

Every piece in Uniform's collection is under $100, an impressive feat on its own, but better yet, a major pillar of the brand is social consciousness. The items are made in Liberia, Kenya, and Morocco. And for each item purchased, a school uniform is donated to a child in Liberia. Which means that with your purchase comes a small polaroid of a student who is now connected to you in some small way, even if you live halfway around the world from Liberia. 

"More than creating the best clothing company IN the world, we wanted to create the best clothing company FOR the world," said Liberty. "To us that meant that everyone it touches needs to be better because we exist."

We've touched on the idea of a capsule wardrobe many times at Who What Wear, the idea of reducing your closet to pieces that in the words of Marie Kondo "spark joy." For me, a great fit and price point are important, but it's also the connection created through what I wear that makes this an especially significant piece.

Read on to shop the top, along with more styles from Uniform!