The Unhealthiest Shoe Style Is Probably in Your Closet

It's no secret that we sometimes allow ourselves to suffer in the name of fashion, and a particularly common source of pain tends to be shoes. While a pair of sky-high lace-up platforms might look amazing for a night out, it's definitely not good to wear shoes that are bad for your feet all the time. In fact, our friends over at InStyle recently put some of our favorite summer shoe styles to the test to see how different pairs really affect your feet. According to podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal, flip-flops and slides aren't all that great for your feet. The worst slide-style culprit of them all? Stiletto-heel mules.

"Slides and mules are already unstable because they're not secured on the foot," Splichal says. "When you have that skinny of a stiletto heel, it makes you very unstable. Always choose a chunkier heel over a skinny one." It's definitely not the greatest news for the summer slide. Fortunately, there is one slide style out there that is a lot healthier for your foot—Birkenstocks. They simply have great arch support. In even better news, they're becoming increasingly available in a variety of surprisingly chic styles.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde