5 Tips for Making "Unflattering" Items Work for Your Body

There are certain pieces out there that many of us probably avoid because they seem unflattering. For example, items that are too baggy or an awkward shape. But believe it or not, many of these “unflattering” items are actually incredibly on-trend right now. We’re talking oversize blouses and billowy trousers. In fact, these pieces can actually work for anyone—regardless of whether or not they’re traditionally complementary. Don’t believe us? Below, we’re highlighting how five “unflattering” items can fit into your daily life.

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A floor-length dress can seem intimidating—especially if you aren’t super tall—but it can work. The key is ensuring some of your skin shows so it’s not all fabric. We suggest rolling up the sleeves or tailoring so a part of your ankles is displayed. It’s also smart to go for pointed shoes to help elongate your overall silhouette.

This dress could work for the office or the weekend.

The sleeves are unique on this silhouette—a simple way to make an instant statement.

Boxy tops are very forward right now, but there is an art to pulling them off so you don’t feel wider than you are. It’s really all about the styling—rather than letting the shirt hang loose, try tucking in part of it to define your waist.

This chambray top would look so cute with darker-wash jeans.

Imagine this shirt with white culottes and a comfortable pair of pointed flats.

It’s often said that horizontal stripes are not as flattering as vertical ones, but this pattern can totally work—just look at blogger Tanesha Awasthi here. If you go for a flattering silhouette (like her dress that cinches at the waist and falls right at the knee), you’ll look great no matter which way your stripes fall.

While you could wear this dress as is, it would look just as nice with a white T-shirt layered underneath if you want to dress it down.

This is the perfect dress to wear everywhere!

The key here is to make sure that you are highlighting your silhouette in some way—that could be tucking in your top to define your waist (the smallest part of your body) or tucking in your pants like we’re showcasing here, to bring the loose trousers in at the ankle and define that area.

These pants are seriously as comfortable as they look.

Too much fabric may seem unflattering, but if you pair a baggier top or tunic (so on trend right now!) with tailored pieces like slim trousers, you won’t look like you’re completely drowning in a baggy piece.

The tie detail at the waist makes this tunic ideal if you want that hourglass silhouette.

Pair this flowy tunic with your favorite pair of culottes for the office.

What “unflattering” items do you like to wear? Let us know in the comments below!