Finds I Haven't Seen All Over Instagram Yet (and That's a Good Thing)

Here's the thing—a fair share of my wardrobe comes courtesy of Instagram because it's 2018 and that's how we all (well, many of us) shop. After I see something on the feeds of a few of my favorite stylish women, it's hard to convince myself that I don't need it too. That said, I oftentimes later have shoppers remorse when I realize how oversaturated said "Instagram It item" has become.

So what have I done to combat this? Instead of seeking out pieces I saw on Instagram, I'm making a concerted effort to be a sartorial individual and shop for pieces I haven't come across on Instagram yet. To compile the list of the 18 pieces below, I even did quick Instagram searches to make sure they weren't all over the respective brands' tagged posts. While some of these items are by newer brands (e.g. Evewear and About Arianne) you might not have heard of yet, others are under-the-radar finds from heavy hitters like Gucci and Champion.

Keep scrolling to shop my finds (just resist the urge to post them on Instagram, will ya?).