Is This the Future of Sneaker Technology?


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The next footwear frontier: Under Armour has unveiled the Architech, a sneaker that boasts a 3D-printed midsole designed for extra stability. So what’s the benefit of introducing 3D technology to the footwear realm? As Fast Company explains, printing an entire shoe would be too expensive, but “even just 3D printing the sole could, in theory, allow shoemakers to customize each sneaker to its wearer’s foot.” Head over to Fast Company to see Under Armour’s high-tech new kicks. [Fast Company]

New launch: We’re already huge fans of M.Gemi’s women’s line, so naturally we’re excited to hear that the brand has just launched its first men’s collection. Consisting of handcrafted Italian shoes and belts, the dapper line is perfect for the stylish man in your life. Shop M.Gemi here! [M.Gemi]

Hostessing help: Have an exciting event coming up? Even the most organized party planners could use some pointers. From the guest list to the menu, Lauren Conrad is offering up her best advice on how to throw a memorable fête. [MyDomaine]

Beauty by Kendall Jenner: The supermodel chatted with Byrdie about all things beauty, dishing on everything from her makeup routine to her best advice. Our favorite tip? Jenner says to never touch your face, never pick your face, and wear eye cream. Simple as that! [Byrdie]