Under $100: Our Favorite Summer Outfit Combos

You know those days when, no matter where you’re going, getting dressed feels like an unbearable task and, for lack of a better phrase, you just can’t even? So do we. In fact, so much so, that over time we’ve adopted a variety of methods for outsmarting ourselves on such days. One is to snap selfies of your favorite outfits and save them to a folder in your camera roll. If you’re really going for it, you can take a tip from celebrity stylists and create a literal book of outfits for yourself using a polaroid camera and the pieces from your closet.  If you’re a little more, how do you say it, lazy, you can utilize Pinterest, and save street style looks or outfit formulas you love there—any way you do it, you’re creating a quick reference guide for yourself for those days when creativity is simply off the table. Whatever your method of choice is, today we’re bringing you three easy outfit combos to add to your arsenal this season. The best part? Thanks to our namesake collection for Target, they’re all under $100.

Scroll through to see, shop, and save, pin, or print them below!

What would you like to see from our target collection in the coming season? Tell us in the comments and you may just inspire our next design! 

Opening Image: The Haute Pursuit